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Your Career Options as a Public Health Professional

by SouthMarketing
September 5, 2013 Did you know that South University recently introduced a Master of Public Health degree program?&nbs

Did you know that South University recently introduced a Master of Public Health degree program? If you're not familiar with this field, you might be surprised at the wide range of careers that fall under the umbrella of public health.

Washing Hands - Public Health

In fact, as a public health professional, you could spend your days counseling teens, conducting research in a laboratory, or developing and presenting programs on healthy choices.

You could work in a school, medical facility, research institution, or a state, local or national agency such as the National Institute of Health, American Red Cross or your local health department.

Regardless of their specific job or employer, public health professionals aim to improve the health of the human population on a local or global scale. In this field, getting a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree can help you to secure a variety of roles and to increase your earning potential. Here are just a few of the positions you may be qualified for after you earn your MPH.

Health Center Administrator

In this career, you could manage healthcare facilities, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and outpatient clinics. You’ll also be overseeing employees and directing the administration of services.

Health and Wellness Manager

Analyzing data is typical for this career, as well as creating educational programs to address issues found in your research. Although most people in this career work in an office, presenting programs to the public and conducting fact-finding research is also an occasional part of this job. An background in exercise science or a similar field may be helpful for entering this area.

Health Educator

As a health educator or health teacher, you’ll be teaching children or adults in public schools, universities, hospitals or community health centers. Depending on your position, an undergraduate four-year teaching degree may be required in many states, and an MPH is often required to teach at college or university level.

Legislative Policy Advisor

In addition to a master’s degree in public health, most people in this position also have experience in the legal field. In this role, you’ll spend your time researching public-health issues and then using this knowledge to influence public policy. With a combination of medical and legal knowledge, you may find work with think tank organizations, individual politicians or advocacy groups.

And More…

Plenty of other careers abound in the public health field. Additional areas include environmental or international health, nutrition, or a career based in a laboratory such as epidemiology, biostatistics or biomedical laboratory jobs. With a graduate degree in public health, you will be prepared to pursue a career that will truly make a difference in many peoples' lives.

Explore our Master of Public Health degree program today!

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