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Concentrations in the Bachelor of Science of Criminal Justice

by South University
July 2, 2012 Welcome to the first part of a series looking at our degree programs at South University Online Prog

Welcome to the first part of a series looking at our degree programs at South University Online Programs that feature specializations. Today, we’re going to look at our Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program and its five concentrations.

Concentrations are designed to allow our students to find a field of study within a broader field, like Criminal Justice, that can appeal to their particular interest. As you will see, as technology and the world of law enforcement change, we adapt our concentrations to meet the needs of today’s challenges:

Students study the correctional systems designed to protect the public from convicted offenders, as well as ways to rehabilitate and integrate this group back into society.

Crime Scene Investigation
Focuses on the cornerstones of crime solving as well as collecting and preserving physical evidence at a crime scene, understanding the functions of a crime laboratory, and reconstructing crime scenes.

Cyber Crime
Focuses on the recovery of digital information that has been used to commit crimes ranging from identity theft and embezzlement to cyber stalking and homicide.

Law Enforcement
Students prepare to potentially protect the public and pursue a career path in homeland security by learning about law enforcement operations, criminal law and investigation, and terrorism and homeland security.

Juvenile Justice
Focuses students on learning the triggers to juvenile justice problems while you focus on juvenile protection, rehabilitation and incarceration.

If you’re interested in exploring more about these programs, please contact us or check out some more criminal justice resources on the web.

See for program duration, tuition, fees and other costs, median debt, alumni success, and other important information.

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