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Critical Thinking and Information Literacy Month at South University Online Programs

November 8, 2011

During the month of October, South University Online Programs held an interactive month of learning to explore the many aspects of critical thinking and how they can be applied to students’ daily lives. Each week, a new theme was featured, along with a guest lecturer. To conclude the month of critical thinking, South University Online Programs hosted another debate in its Great Debate Series. If you missed any of these great events, read on for more information and links to the recordings.

Week 1: Asking Questions
To start out the month, Professor Michael Loyd Gray hosted an event focusing on the theme “Asking Questions” on October 4 th. Using political examples and common sense, Gray shared anecdotes on misinformation and public opinion, while stressing the importance of questioning so-called facts and truths. To view the recorded webinar, please click here.

Week 2: Evaluating Information
The following week, on October 11th, Professor Doris Rachles hosted an event focusing on the theme “Evaluating Information”. She stressed the importance of questioning everything and not taking anything at face value. View the recording here!

Week 3: Articulating Your Position
Next, on October 18 th , Dr. Mark Fabbri hosted an event focusing on the theme “Articulating Your Position”. Using examples from pop culture, cartoons, and daily life, Dr. Fabbri emphasized the importance of being able to take one’s opinion and support it with facts. To view the recorded webinar, please click here.

Great Debate Series
On October 20th , South University Online Programs and the Office of Student Community held another debate in the Great Debate Series. Discussing the topics of the economy and privacy, the students addressed what can be done to bolster the economy and protect the rights of citizens.

Week 4: Reflecting on Reasoning
Finally, on October 25th, Dr. Elizabeth Bennett hosted an event focusing on the theme “Reflecting on Reasoning”. Using the Happy Meal as an example, Dr. Bennett emphasized the importance of analyzing things sociologically. She encouraged students to question things from a local, global, and historical perspective. To view the recorded webinar, please click here.

Stay tuned for more exciting events in the future!

Please be advised that the views expressed in these recordings do not necessarily represent those of South University Online Programs and have been provided solely for entertainment purposes.

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