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Dressing for the Workplace

by South University
June 8, 2012

You’re ready to venture out into the job market, armed with your newly-earned degree. You’re confident you have the skills to fill the position you’ve always wanted. While confidence is undoubtedly important, how you present yourself during the interview and beyond can have a big impact on how you are perceived. In order to put your best foot forward, take a look at some of our tips for dressing to impress.

  • For the Interview –Even if you know that the company dress code is casual, it’s better to overdress for the interview than to under dress. Wearing a suit is always a good way to go, with solid colors in navy, black, or gray. Avoid wearing too much jewelry, cologne or perfume. For women, light makeup and conservative shoes are ideal. Men should wear a long-sleeved shirt and both should keep their hairstyles neat and professional.
  • Dress for the Job You Want – If your goal is to advance your position at your current company, your new degree will help, but you may also need to upgrade your appearance. An excellent illustration of this can be found in The Wall Street Journal’s article “How to Look and Act Like a Leader.” It includes a before and after photograph of a vice president at Sara Lee who cleaned up her appearance to help advance her career.
  • Observe Those Around You – It can often be helpful, when deciding how to dress for the office, to look at your coworkers. How do those superior to you in the company dress? Taking cues from them can help you ensure that your appearance fits the company culture.

When dressing for the office, professionalism should always be foremost in your mind. While who are at work isn’t just what we look like, it does play an important role in the overall picture.

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