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Exciting Changes in Store for the Online Classroom

by South University Online Programs
March 23, 2015 Exciting changes are coming to the South University online classroom!

We’re excited to announce a few exciting new changes that will make your online classroom an even better place to learn! Starting on Thursday, March 26, for the majority of classes, a new, more detailed course syllabus page will replace the existing readings and assignments page. This change will be implemented for all classes by Thursday, April 16.

This update will make it easier for you to access and print your course details and requirements, weekly assignments, readings, due dates, and evaluation requirements.

Why the change?

In the 2014 Noel Levitz survey, our students ranked having a clearly defined syllabus as one of the top five most important factors in their experience. Improving this aspect of the classroom addresses this student-defined priority, by providing one place for you to access all of your course information. We’re constantly striving to improve your student experience and we truly appreciate your feedback.

Feature overview

Print feature: You now have the option to print all page information from top to bottom, excluding the overview information.

Print feature

Course overview: The course overview information is now embedded directly within the Syllabus page and can be easily printed separate from the syllabus.

Grading scale: This page also includes a grading scale with corresponding grades for all point values. (Ex: 90-100 = A)

Assignment table

Weekly assignment table: All weekly assignments are now displayed in a table with due dates and point values.

Evaluation requirements: This section of the page sets expectations regarding the time you can expect to spend on instructional engagement (like lectures, presentation, and discussions) as well as on completing assignments, reading, and research.

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