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Finding Scholarships: 4 Places to Get Started

by South University, Online Programs
May 19, 2014

If you're thinking of furthering your education (or you’ve already started work on your degree), you've probably considered the financial investment required. Hopefully, you’ve thought about your options, including student loans and federal financial aid, which typically involve repayment and interest. The good news is that there is another option that doesn’t involve either—scholarships.

Scholarship piggy bank

To receive a scholarship, you must meet certain criteria set forth by an individual or organization. Doesn’t sound so hard, right? Yet, with so many scholarship opportunities out there, you may not know where to begin. Here are 4 places where you can get your search started right now.

1. The Educational Institution

Many institutions award merit-based scholarships to students who've shown achievement in areas like academics, personal conduct, or military or community service. Current South University students can speak with their Finance and Academic Counselors to find out if any scholarships might be available to them. If you’re interested in attending South University, you can always call us at 1-888-444-3404 to learn more about your financial options, including scholarships.

2. Employers or Professional Groups

In some cases, your employer (or even your spouse’s employer) may be willing to sponsor a portion or all of your education, so don’t forget to ask your supervisor or Human Resources department what resources are available to you. In addition, some professional organizations may provide scholarships to those pursuing specific career paths. Search for organizations that match your career interests and see if any of them help students like you in continuing your education.

3. Your Community

Local community organizations, including civic groups and churches, may provide scholarships to students who meet specific criteria. Some scholarships are only available to residents of specific cities or countries, which can drastically help your odds of receiving the scholarship. Don’t hesitate to call around and find out what’s available!

4. Online

You can locate a wide variety of student-specific scholarships online, which could require you meet criteria that involves family history, ethnicity, or other similar factors. It's easy to find these scholarships at websites such as

As a current South University student, you can also use our financial literacy resource iGrad, which includes a Scholarship Center. Remember, locating a scholarship, or information about one, should never cost you anything. If any website asks you to pay for information, click out of it and into one of the resources named above.

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