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How to Get Organized Online

by South University
April 4, 2013

As a student at South University, organizing your workspace and schedule can help you succeed. Here are some tips for staying on top of every assignment that comes your way!

Email Folders: Instead of keeping all your emails in your inbox, create separate folders for each type of email you save. You may have a main folder for South University, then subfolders for each class and additional subfolders for each project. When you don't have to spend time searching for everything you need, you'll wind up finishing much more quickly.

Bookmark Folders: When you bookmark certain web sites, you'll end up with a long list if you don’t create specific folders. When you have folders for your research, fun sites, school sites and work-related sites, it will be much easier for you to find the page you need. Plus, you won’t have a long list of unsorted bookmarks to scroll through.

Calendars: Use a calendar to send yourself reminders. You can use an online calendar, a calendar that may come with your email program, or you can download a free or paid calendar application for your PC. Some calendars also synchronize with your smart phone, so you may be able to get reminders while you are away from your computer. Fill in times for your work and class schedules so you can see – at a glance -- when you have free time.

Other Applications: Find a note-taking application to help you keep everything from class in one place and easy to find. Evernote is a popular, free note-taking application. Like your email folders, note-taking apps let you create separate project files for school, work and play, and you can create subfiles within files. For example, if you are studying Criminal Justice, you may have a file called Criminal Justice Notes and subfiles called Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement Issues, etc. When your next project or paper comes up, you'll know where to start your research.


When you are organized online, your life offline becomes more organized as well. You’ll be less likely to miss important dates or deadlines – and things will be much easier to find, which could save you hours of time. In fact, you may discover that you suddenly have more time for your online classes, more time for additional work projects and maybe even more time to relax!

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