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How to Stay Positive and Productive at Work

by South University
June 25, 2013

Your education from South University can help you to find a career about which you are passionate. Once you start seeing the benefits of your education, hard work and determination, here are some tips that will help you to stay positive and productive in your daily work.

Plant at work

Beautify Your Surroundings

Most people spend at least eight hours a day at work. Because you'll be spending the majority of your time at the office, why not make your workspace functional and beautiful? Postcards from your favorite vacation, tastefully framed photos of loved ones and pets, and well-designed office supplies can elevate your desk from blah to bearable.

If you're near a window (or otherwise get adequate light), consider buying a plant—plants have been shown to improve people's moods. Of course, always respect your office's décor guidelines; you don't want to miss out on a promotion because you've put your Beanie Baby collection on display.

Take Exercise Breaks

Long hours sitting at your desk or focusing on a computer screen can make you tired. When possible, go for a five-minute walk or do simple stretches. Practicing good posture can also be helpful. If your coworkers are willing, start a weekly lunch exercise club. Physical activity will keep you alert and help you power through the 3:00 PM slump.

Make Office Buddies

When the going gets tough, the tough get support from their friends. Even if you work best independently, office friends will enrich your professional life immeasurably. That said, it's best to avoid gossiping and discussing intensely personal problems, both of which can give you a reputation for being unprofessional.

Develop Your Skills

Identify a skill or set of skills you want to develop or improve and then meet with your supervisor to determine whether or how your current role can help you to build that skill. When you continue to improve your skills, you'll feel more accomplished and your new abilities will give you an edge in the future.

Remember What You Love about Your Job

If you start to feel frustrated with a project or a client, take a moment to reflect on what drew you to the position in the first place. Perhaps you were enticed by your company's altruistic mission, the wisdom of your manager or unbeatable perks. Keep in mind that no matter how much you enjoy your career, everyone has bad days. Reframing frustrations can help you see them more clearly and appreciate the good things about your position and your accomplishments thus far.

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