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Inspire, Motivate, Connect - Share Your Story

by South University
December 6, 2011

The South University Online Programs community is rich with variety! All of our students and alumni have a unique story. Whether it’s where you come from, what made online school the right choice for you, how you motivated yourself to keep going, how your life has changed since you graduated – everyone has a story to tell!

We want you to share your experience with our community to inspire future students, motivate current students and connect with one another!

To join in the conversation:

  • Record a video. Use your webcam, cell phone, or camcorder and tell us about your experience at South University Online Programs. Make sure to keep it under 3 minutes!
  • Submit your video and completed release form here.
  • Then, connect with other students by posting your video to your Connections page and/or Facebook page (don’t forget to tag SuCampusCommon).

We will use your video to motivate students in workshops, webinars, and, if selected, we will post it on our YouTube channel!

Some helpful tips:

  • Make sure you say "South University Online Programs" at some point in your video.
  • Talk about what brought you to South University Online Programs, what your favorite experiences have been here and include advice you have for future students.
  • Discuss your future plans or how your life/career was positively affected after graduating from South University Online Programs.

We can’t wait to see your videos and to share them with the South University Online Programs community!

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