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One Graduate’s Story of the South University Experience

by South University, Online Programs
May 6, 2014

As part of our efforts to celebrate all nurses nationwide, we're bringing to you a success story of one of our own -- 2012 South University alumnus, Kim Hebert, whose work ethic and commitment to lifelong learning and growth has helped her to build her nursing career and establish herself as a leader among her peers.

Kim Hebert

Joining the Family

Graduate Kim Hebert began her journey at South University, Online Programs in 2010 after encouragement from her then assistant manager, Philana Boyd, who had just started classes a few weeks prior.

Working toward her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree at South University, Kim quickly realized she was a valued member of our close-knit, supportive community. “One amazing thing about South University, Online Programs is that you are never alone. All through the program, there was always someone who called or emailed to make sure that everything was going well,” she said, adding, “Not only the professors and staff, but fellow students as well.”

Seeing the Commitment of Our Faculty

In one instance, Kim struggled with writing and revising her capstone proposal and began to consider dropping the class. Yet, with the support of her professor, she kept going and successfully completed her capstone. “My professor continued to work with me and encourage me. She told me that I could do it and I was almost there. She really taught me how I needed to think as a master’s level student,” said Kim.

“I had many encounters and acts of kindness shown towards me. However, one instance in particular touched my heart,” Kim added, thinking specifically of the time she spent in the hospital after going into pre-term labor with her son. Throughout her hospital stay, she continued to complete her course work, but, still, there were times she had to put her computer down.

“I was down to the wire in turning in my portion of work, but the doctor had placed me on bed rest and taken my laptop and books away from me, asking my family to take them home because he did not want me stressed,” she recalled. “As determined as I am, I got out of the bed, got my laptop, logged on and saw the numerous emails from all the students and the instructor. They were concerned about my health--not the assignment. Needless to say, that gave me the push to submit that assignment so that it wouldn’t be late for my group, and we received an A.”

Finding a Voice

At South University, Kim found the convenience she needed through attending class online while still maintaining her full-time position at work. In fact, only months before completing her MSN, Kim was promoted to Assistant Nurse Manager of the surgery clinical at the hospital where she worked.

Following the completion of her degree in 2012, she accepted a position as Nurse Manager for UT Physicians Urology, a clinic affiliated with The University of Texas Medical School. “Having this advanced degree has assisted me in noticing the nursing practices that need to be changed and giving me a voice to evoke these changes,” she said.

More than anything else, she believed the flexibility offered at South University was the key to her success. “I recommend this institution to everyone who wants to go back to school but also has that crazy schedule like me and still wants to have a career and family while furthering their education at the same time.”

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