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Meet our Experienced HR Management Faculty - South University

by South University
May 8, 2017 Get to know South University’s faculty and discover what real-world examples and experience they use to teach graduate students about HR Management.

At South University, we believe that using real-world examples and experience inside the classroom can help you learn better. That’s why, for our new Human Resources Management master’s program, we’ve assembled a team of instructors—three of which we’re introducing below—with strong industry connections and backgrounds to help prepare every HRM student for a role in strategic HR leadership.

Dr. Joe Heinzman, Program Director
South University, Tampa

Dr. Joe Heinzman brings not only 13 years of academic experience to South University, Tampa’s HRM program, but also 30 years of professional experience, much of which was spent working at Lockheed Martin, where he helped manage staffing, training, performance appraisal, and organizational transitions. In the years when the company relocated many of its employees and programs from the west to the east coast, Heinzman played a critical role in leading this change within the organization.

After earning his DBA in 2004, Heinzman transitioned to teaching full-time but today stays connected to many practicing HR professionals in his role as the College Relations Director for HR Tampa, a major chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) with over 500 members. Heinzman has been a member of SHRM since 2003.

"The fact that Dr. Heinzman is so involved in the local HR chapter, it's critical because he and other faculty at other locations are in tune with what's going on in the field and in the industry, and they're talking with other people in the field," say Cheryl Noll, Dean of the College of Business. "That makes our program more relevant because they bring those experiences straight back to the classroom."

Dr. Tom Javarinis, Assistant Program Director
South University, Online Programs

Dr. Tom Javaranis—who holds 3 MBAs as well as a PhD in Business Administration—has been working as a university educator for over 15 years, although really teaching has always been part of his career. "I spent several years in training and development, engaging and motivating employees, promoting critical thinking and learning early on in my career to take a student-centered approach to instruction," he explains.

Professionally, Javarnis’ roles have ranged from Department Manager to General Manager to Director of Human Resources and Operations, and they all required him to unite employees across disciplines on projects with far-reaching business impact. For Javarnis, working in HR means being a positive influence and problem-solver across many areas of the organization, a person who not only can drive strategic processes, but also help change lives by fostering employee growth.

As an educator, he enjoys challenging his students to develop new skills and practice critical thinking. The reward is seeing students learn and grow throughout the course—and eventually cross the stage for graduation. "Years after a student leaves my classroom, they may not be able to remember a specific textbook or assignment," he says. "However, I am certain they'll remember how to research a situation, synthesize the facts, and present that situation effectively."

Dr. Robert Ledman, Program Director
South University, Austin

Dr. Robert Ledman, of South University, Austin, took on his first management job in the 1980s, a time at which he knew little about HR. "I had no previous business education, so I had to learn many things very quickly," he recalls.

In that role, Ledman managed everything from budgeting to business development to supervising and hiring employees. That experience peeked his interest, motivating him to complete his MBA and eventually his PhD in Management. While pursuing his PhD and working as a teaching assistant, Ledman realized his passion for teaching, something he’s been doing now for over 25 years. What he enjoys most, he says, is "the challenge of helping students learn, not just memorize."

Since that first job, Ledman has come far in the industry, building expertise in employee motivation, leadership, organizational design, strategic planning, international business, and more. In total, he’s presented at more than 30 national and international conferences, published numerous journal articles, and even co-authored a book, From Hiring to Firing: A Practical Guide to Selecting, Motivating, and Retaining the Best Employees.

Learn more about the HRM program at South University

South University’s Master of Science of Human Resources Management is now accepting applications and can completed in as little as 12 months*. Request information today about how our HRM program gives you the chance to learn valuable, industry-aligned skills from knowledgeable and experienced HR instructors.

*The stated completion time is suggested and may not be typical of all students. Please speak to your advisor to help determine the appropriate credit load and completion time for you along with the process and repercussions of adding and dropping classes.

See for program duration, tuition, fees and other costs, median debt, alumni success, and other important info.

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