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Must-Have Mobile Apps for Nursing Students

by South University
January 9, 2014

Do nurses have time to use mobile apps on the job? They may not have time to go without. Medical mobile apps have grown in popularity, and now, professionals can carry one tool for taking chart notes and measurements as well as taking calls. A recent study showed over 70 percent of nurses use their smartphones for professional management. Join the crowd and improve your efficiency with these handy mobile applications!

Using Mobile App

Best Calendar

Jorte is an Android-based personal organizer with an ultra-easy-to-use interface offering Google Calendar and Google Maps integration. The application has a number of helpful widgets invaluable to busy health professionals working on the road or in a traditional setting. Many users report how easy this app makes it to synch their schedules with those of their spouses and children.

Best Medical Calculator

Epocrates/MedMath used to be the forerunner for mobile-based medical calculations available, but a young gun has arrived on the scene with more features and easier usage. MedCalc offers three times the calculations, is searchable by keyword, notifies you of potential errors in your entries, allows you to set favorite calculations and lets you reset your values just by shaking your phone.

Best for Students

With over 100,000 words of learning content and medical information, the Pocket Anatomy app has something to offer novice and experienced nurses alike. This full body app allows you to view nine different layers of anatomical content, from muscoskeletal to neurovascular to internal organ imagery, for both males and females. Better still, you can add your own notes and take quizzes to test your expertise. Plus, all content is contained within the app, so there’s no need to contact to wifi.

One Caveat…

If you work for an older employer or with coworkers who aren’t technologically advanced, make sure they realize what you’re checking on your phone when you’re dealing with work tasks. A simple, “My phone is a life saver, literally. I love this new drug guide,” can prevent office gossip over how often you’re supposedly texting, playing games or checking your social networking pages.

With the number of amazingly helpful health applications available, everyone working in a clinic should know about them. Fortunately, just sharing your experiences can be enough to encourage people to check mobile applications out. Soon you’ll have the whole office benefiting from these affordable and effective resources!

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