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Nursing Careers Still in High Demand

by South University
February 1, 2013

A career in nursing has been and continues to be one of the most in demand jobs in the industry. The US News and World Report even stated in 2010 that nursing is one of the best careers choices [Edinformatics].There are several reasons that contribute to nursing being one of the best career choices and the steady amount of employment for those certified in the field stands as one of the top reasons [Colorado Public News]. Not only are nurses in high demand, the need for nurses continues to grow in large numbers each year. The U.S alone expects to add 382,000 new nursing jobs within the next ten years.

Because the need for qualified nurses is so high, there are many grants available to students who wish to pursue this career. Also, several employers are willing to pay for a current employee to advance their education in the nursing field while working for their company. This means that a nurse can gain their masters degree without the need to pay tuition, which will in turn increase the pay they receive because their education and skills will be more advanced.

A career in nursing is not only high in demand, but well paying. A survey completed in 2008 showed that the medium wage for a nurse was $62,450 and the top 10% earned $92,200 [U.S News]. The amount of money earned depends on the amount of experience and the length of time working for the company, but it also depends on the type of work a nurse will be completing while on the job. Nurses are in demand in a variety of different settings including, but not limited to; hospitals, clinics and private offices.

While a career in nursing does pave the way for a promising career, the job itself can be rather difficult at times. Nurses are required to stand for long periods of time and expected to complete a large variety of tasks within a specified amount of time. They may work long hours and the shifts tend to vary depending on location. For example; a hospital nurse may work an overnight shift and then be on call for the rest of the following day. However, although this career may be challenging at times, it is also rewarding. The promise of jobs, good pay and benefits are only a few of the perks. Nurses are able to help save lives, cure illness and help patients when they are in need which is rewarding in itself.

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