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October is Critical Thinking and Information Literacy Awareness Month at South University Online Programs

by South University
October 6, 2011

During the month of October, South University Online Programs explores the many aspects of critical thinking and how they can be applied to our daily lives. Each week, a new theme will be featured along with a guest lecturer every Tuesday. In addition, South University Online Programs will host another Great Debate series on October 20th.

The topics for the week and the accompanying guest lecturers are as follows:

  • Week One: Asking Questions
    Featured Lecturer: Professor Michael Loyd Gray, M.F.A.
    Critical Thinking and the Chrysler Car Dealership: Or How to Avoid Stepping on a Mine in an Online Chat and Enjoy a More Fact-Enriched Life.
  • Week Two: Evaluating Information
    Featured Lecturer: Professor Doris Rachles, J.D.
    Join us as we hunt for obstacles to rational thought and learn the basics of evaluating information to reach a firm conclusion.
  • Week Three: Articulating Your Position
    Featured Lecturer: Professor Mark Fabbri, Ph.D.
    Explore the difference between an opinion and an informed option. When using information to support your views, you can help improve the validity of your work.
  • Great Debate Online Event
    Featured Topics: Economic Stimulus Package and Privacy vs. Security
  • Week Four: Reflecting on Reasoning
    Featured Lecturer: Professor Elizabeth Bennett, Ph.D.
    Re-evaluate everyday objects through local, historical, and global frameworks.

If you’re a student who would like to participate in any of these online events, signup information can be found in the Campus Common.

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