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Perfect Your Job Searching Skills

by South University, Online Programs
June 10, 2014

As a recent graduate, you've gained new knowledge, a new understanding, and new skills that you're eager to show off. Still, finding a job that will put your new degree to use takes time and effort. Improve your chances of landing your ideal job by perfecting the way you search, apply, interview, follow up and complete work on a day to day basis.


As you're searching

• Network to find the most appropriate positions for your new skills
• Search sites that specialize in the kind of work you are now trained to do, including professional associations and specialized job boards
• Apply to work for the organizations you admire most and the organizations they interact with

When you apply

• Tailor your resume to each position you apply for by using words that reflect the mission, culture and goals of the organization
• Individualize every cover letter to the unique circumstances of your application, including the reasons you are applying with the organization and how you found out about the position
• Research each opportunity thoroughly so you don’t waste time applying for jobs that aren’t right for you

Before you have an interview

• Practice often with as many different people as possible
• Rehearse your answers to difficult questions
• Acquire the right attire to present yourself at your professional best
• Bring extra copies of your resume and portfolio, if applicable
• Prepare before each interview by refreshing your understanding of the organization, the position, the challenges you may face and the contributions you can make if hired

After you've had an interview

• Individualize your correspondence to reflect your understanding of the organization, the position and the interview<
• Provide additional information or work samples promptly if requested
• Use the names and titles of people you meet during the interview whenever possible
• Proofread your correspondence for grammar, spelling, punctuation and professionalism

While you're working

• Keep track of the organizations you would like to work for in the future
• Record your achievements and the contributions you make in each new position or role with your new employer

By doing these things, you can find the right role for your future in even less time and put your hard-earned knowledge to work!

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