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Putting Your Mind to It

by Student
August 29, 2011

By Guest Blogger

Tina Schultz
Psychology Student at South University Online Programs

My name is Tina. I am 25 years old. I never thought I could make it as a college student. The thought of even passing a real college course seemed scary and hard. Here I am three months later, three courses later. I’ve been a South University Online student for about three months. I am just completing my third class. I have a GPA of 3.5. My letter grades are 2 A’s and one B.

The instructors here are really nice and easy to work with. The whole faculty is amazing. Whenever I have a question, concern, or find myself struggling, I get feedback and help immediately. The instructors give great and helpful feedback to my assignments. Even my fellow classmates are amazing.

I love how the whole program is set up and designed. I can access my classes on my own time. The classes are what you make of them. If you decide to do well and put the effort into it, than the education you want is what you’ll get. My classes are really paying off. I am now able to write essays and term papers. Before college I was not able to do that. I’ve learned how to be a professional. My job searches even became easier for me. My resume looks great. Before this, I never even knew how to create a resume. In my first two classes I had to use spell checker for every other word now I hardly ever use it.

South University Online Programs has made this whole process of going back to school easy. I love it here and look forward to completing my education here. If I decide to gain a higher degree, South University Online Programs is where I will be. I would definitely recommend South University Online Programs to anyone deciding to further their education. I am happy I selected this school. Thank you South University Online Programs for all that you do. I am excited about my next class.

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