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South University Launches Human Resource Management Master’s Program

by South University
March 17, 2017 Looking to prepare for your next career move? South University is excited to introduce our newest pr

Looking to prepare for your next career move? South University is excited to introduce our newest program in the College of Business—a Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MS in HRM), now accepting applications for classes starting in June.

In this master’s degree HRM program, you can study the roles of HR professionals, as well as the concepts, strategies, and structures that impact organizations and their stakeholders. Designed to equip you for roles in HR management across a variety of organizations, the curriculum explores functional areas of HRM (from staffing to performance management), employment and labor laws, business practices, ethical principles, HR metrics and measurement, and change management.

Who Should Earn an MS in HRM

A career in Human Resources Management is ideal for those who are driven by both their heart and head. If you enjoy business strategy and analytical thinking as well as have a passion for mentoring and helping people grow, human resources could be a natural fit. Continuing your education with an MS in HRM program could prepare you to focus in on professional staff development and leadership and take your career to the next level.

What Human Resource Managers Do

Human resources managers hold many responsibilities, serving as an essential link between an organization’s management and employees. For starters, HR managers define, direct, and evaluate company staffing, training, development, retention, and performance management processes and policies. They also play a key role in determining compensation and benefit packages that align with organizational and industry factors. In doing so, they can help companies attract, develop, and retain top talent to maintain a competitive advantage.

HR managers also commonly consult with top executives on strategy planning, relying on ethical principles, general business expertise, and employment and labor laws to guide decision-making around new initiatives. The insight and leadership of HR managers can be especially valuable during times of significant organizational change, such as a company merger or the introduction of a new branch.

Industry Needs for Human Resource Professionals

With demand driven by the rise of new companies and the expansion of existing organizations, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9% employment growth rate for HR managers, faster than the average for all occupations. As the complexity of laws around occupational safety and health, equal employment opportunity, healthcare, wages, and retirement plans continues to evolve, organizations will also turn to the expertise of HR management. Currently, technical services, manufacturing, government, and healthcare are among the industries employing the most HR managers, and, in 2015, the median annual wage for HR managers was $104,440.

While the BLS anticipates strong competition for many HR management positions, those with a master’s degree in human resources management can expect the best job prospects.

Rounding out South University’s College of Business

South University’s College of Business offers a rich selection of online and campus undergraduate and graduate degree business programs. Built around the College’s core values of ethical practice, student success, and quality education, these programs have been strategically designed to prepare students for the management of people, processes, and systems across diverse public and private companies. The new MS in HRM program aligns naturally with these core values and opens up even more career opportunities for students in the College of Business to pursue upon graduation.

The MS in HRM degree program is available at our Austin and Tampa campus locations. Request more information online today or call us at 1.888.444.3404.

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