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South University Online Programs Students Discuss the Benefits of the Online Library

by South University
December 5, 2011

During the last week in October, students at South University Online Programs participated in “Fantastic Fall.” For more information on the contest, check out this blog post. Students were given the opportunity to tell what they feel are the benefits of three areas of the Campus Common: the Online Library, the Tutoring Center, and the Technical Support Center. In this blog post, we’ll feature some of the responses for the Online Library:

The Online Library will be of great help to me in the future writing my papers. It isn't easy to get to the local library where I live with 2 small children, so having the Online Library I can look up everything I need right here at home. It is very convenient, and has all the tools I need to do my research to complete papers! --Tiffany Holley, AS in Health Science

I use the Online Library all the time, every week, to complete my homework assignments. This includes searching for and reading articles, books and papers to use for my research papers, in addition to completing my discussions on a particular article review or for writing a critique on a given author's viewpoint, suggestion or research discoveries.

The Online Library provides us with an enormous window custom built for our discovery—it’s been specially designed as a place where we can always come to read and learn about something new on our own time in the comfort of our own homes. This place is fantastic! South provides us with numerous ways to easily find the article, journal or book we need by offering us all different categories to search under, and different keywords and includes peer-reviewed sources, and some of the most highly accredited journal databases like ProQuest! Plus, what other academic library is available 24/7 to meet our needs, with a librarian and several tutorials available to us as well, with just the click of a button?

Thank you for offering all of us a great way to learn more about the Campus Common and keep us motivated through the fall season!—Christine Dell, BS in Health Science

I am almost to the end of the third week of my second class, Computer and Internet Literacy, and really used the Online Library for my 3rd assignment last week. I not only found everything I needed for my research paper, but additional information to clarify some of the APA Guidelines I was unsure about. I am proud to say that I scored 60/60 on my paper, in addition to receiving some pretty amazing comments from my instructor. If it were not for the Online Library, you can bet your best shirt it would have been an entirely different story.

The Online Library will be my first stop whenever I have questions, am curious about a subject, or need to do more research—which I am sure will happen frequently as I progress in obtaining my degree.—Judy Sanchez, AS in Business Administration

I use the Online Library for absolutely every class to write research papers, look up information, learn how to write research journals, and so much more. I think this is absolutely one of the best resources South University has to offer! Plus, the Library staff is extremely helpful and nice, which is surely an added bonus!—LaKisha Silva, BS in Criminal Justice

Stay tuned for our next blog post, featuring students’ thoughts on the Tutoring Center!

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