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How to Stay Connected & Get the Most Out of Your Online Classes

by South University, Online Programs
March 15, 2014

Online courses are a great way to get an education without having to worry about physically being in class. Whether your decision to take online classes is based on distance, time constraints or simply convenience, online courses can help you increase your knowledge and prepare you to further your career.

Online LearningThe key to getting the most out of online learning is to get involved and become a part of your school’s online community. Online students often are more motivated when they feel connected to their fellow online learners. Forming positive connections with your peers will help you be more interested in interacting with other students and faculty, more determined to try your best, and more excited to show up for class each day.

Get to Know Your Fellow Online Student Peers

Just because you’re not sitting in rows of desks around each other doesn’t mean there aren’t the same opportunities for community building. Here are some tips to help you connect:

• Make a point to introduce yourself to other students in your online learning course.
• Get to know other online students on a personal level or even become friends.
• Actively participate in both required and optional class discussions.
• Ask if other online students live in your area and want to start an in-person study group.
• Interact with other students using social media--whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is up to you!

Have School Spirit

Online learning allows people all over the world to join together under the common interest of education. Having a diverse online student body makes online schools an exciting and unique learning experience, so take pride in where you learn!

• Familiarize yourself with your school’s website.
• Follow and interact with your school’s social media.
• Learn about your school’s history, values, and mission.
• Wear your school’s colors.
• Get involved in any activities or organizations associated with your school.

Spread the Word

As an online student, you are on an exciting educational journey. Share your story with friends and family to help them understand what you are gaining from online learning. Talking about your online education will also help you feel like an informed, active, and connected member of your online community.

By sharing your experience, you are reinforcing your connection with your online community and maybe even convincing your family and friends to join you in your journey!

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