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Betsy Nolen
Assistant Chancellor for Communications

Studying with Kids

July 20, 2012

Like many online students, you may have a family to attend to, including children. It can often be a challenge to get schoolwork done when juggling family responsibilities, but if you can make your kids a part of your study routine, it might help you to study more effectively. Here are some tips for how to accomplish this.

  • Give Younger Children an Activity – If you have young children at home, before you sit down to study, make sure they have something to do that will keep them occupied so you can focus, whether it’s a game or an educational program on television.
  • Study with Your Older Children – If your school-aged children have their own homework, why not set aside time so you can all study together? You can tell them about what you’re learning in your online classes while helping them understand their own assignments.
  • Stress the Importance of What You’re Doing – If you can explain to your children what you’re studying and why it’s important to you, it can help them to understand and to give you space to accomplish your goals. Nothing can motivate you to study like the support of your own family.

With the suggestions outlined above, you can help to make your children part of your study sessions rather than use them as an excuse not to get work done.

Tags: online learning

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