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The Business of Skype

by South University
April 9, 2013 In today’s competitive environment, companies are always searching for ways that technology can impr

In today’s competitive environment, companies are always searching for ways that technology can improve how they do business and help them to save time and money. As an online student, you can probably imagine the benefits of using Skype for teaching and learning, but you’ll find that Skype is also a powerful tool in business.

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How Companies Use Skype

Skype is especially helpful in situations where face-to-face communication is preferable to email or talking on the phone, but in-person meetings are not feasible due to a lack of time or available funds. If you’re managing a large project or event, for a small fee, Skype allows you to meet with several clients or co-workers simultaneously. Plus, you can send others your documents—including photos, videos and many other types of files--using Skype. You can even present your work by sharing your screen with the person or people with whom you’re talking.

Many people use Skype not only to meet with current clients, but also to talk with prospective clients and discuss what skills and services you can provide. With Skype, there’s no need to limit yourself to finding clients within your geographic region. Similarly, some businesses and employers use Skype to recruit and interview potential employees from all over the world, while others use Skype to check in with employees who are working from home or on vacation. (In case you are ever asked to do an interview over Skype, here are some helpful interviewing tips.

Give Skype a Try

With Skype being so prevalent in the business world, it might be worth your time to get familiar with it. You can download Skype for free and try it with your South University peers. Use it to share and discuss your work with fellow students or faculty members. Our faculty is now on Skype, and students can also add their Skype user names to Connections.

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