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The Tutoring Center at South University Online Programs: Students Weigh in on its Benefits

by South University
December 8, 2011

In our previous blog post, we shared current students’ thoughts on the South University Online Programs Online Library, as compiled during our “Fantastic Fall” contest. In this blog post, we share what they had to say about the Tutoring Center:

On the Tutoring Center page, there is help available to all South University Online students in a variety of subjects such as math, algebra, essay writing, biology and physics just to name a few. Every student gets one-on-one help of 12 hours per quarter in areas that they choose. There are also software tutorials available online for programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many more. The expert help that these tutors provide can make a huge difference to a student by identifying and focusing attention on the area in which that particular student needs a little help. Like the State Farm commercial says, “Like a good neighbor….” The Tutoring Center is there for you, just like the smart friend that can help you with your homework. They are available 10 am to 4 am ET seven days a week. When I encountered difficult subjects like statistics, it made the difference to know that I had someone that I could ask questions to and get that extra help I needed.—Kelly Porrey, BS in Healthcare Management

I have used the Tutoring Center many times for different classes while here at South University. They are friendly, helpful and most of all they have helped me figure out the answers to my questions that I came to them with. As college students we don’t always want to ask for help. I know that it can make me feel like I’m not understanding concepts as well as I should. Yet the Tutoring Center has never made me feel like I’m not learning. They have always pointed me in the right direction and I’m able to understand topics better and get great grades! Sometimes we just need some extra help and the Tutoring Center is a great place to ask for it. I know that they are my favorite resource and I will use their expertise again. – Rachel DenBoer, BS in Health Science

Having been in previous math courses, a subject that I am not very good at, I used the Tutoring Center a lot during my last 6 week course. I found that the examples that the tutors provided pertaining to the questions that I had presented to them helped me so much in my understanding on how to do the problems myself. Step by step instruction was so helpful to me and I was able to use these examples in figuring out my own problems. After they showed the examples, if I wanted to I could show them how I had done my problem. If I skipped any steps, they let me know that I was missing something and I needed to figure out what that something was. This is a great program for anyone who is lost in a problem or just needs a little extra help. I more then likely will be using the Tutoring Center in future courses and would recommend everyone who needs to that they use it.—Paulette Renfroe, BA in Psychology

The Tutoring Center is a great place to go for help with math, biology, and papers. This allows you to get one-on-one assistance 24 hours a day. For a working mom with two kids, this is a huge advantage to me. If I need to get online at midnight to finish homework and am having a really hard time, I know they are there to help. Another huge advantage is the fact that I am allowed 12 hours of tutoring per quarter. This means I am not running to find some help or spending extra money to get the help I need. South University has done a great job of putting the students first and the Tutoring Center helps do that. –Betsi Key, BS in Information Technology

Stay tuned for our final post in this series, where we will showcase the Technical Support Center!

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