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Top 7 Jobs for Nurses

by South University
September 14, 2012

At South University, our online programs can help you transition into a more fulfilling nursing career. As an RN, you have many opportunities to enjoy a flexible, rewarding career. Our BSN completion program or Accelerated RN to MSN can give you even more choices, allowing you to grow as a nurse in leadership and management.

Here are our top seven jobs for RNs who have completed a BSN or MSN degree:

  1. School Nurse: You’ll need at least a BSN degree to work in most schools as a nurse, where you’ll get to interact with children on a daily basis. School nurses also enjoy better hours, and most even get summers off work!
  2. Clinical Instructor: Enjoy helping new nurses learn? With a BSN degree, you can often get clinical instructor positions at both community colleges and universities. You’ll be helping nursing students on the floor during clinical rotations, giving advice and teaching the next generation of nurses.
  3. Surgical Nurse: While some nurses are able to break into surgical nursing without a BSN, you’ll have a leg up on the competition with a BSN degree. Many hospitals now are giving preference to nurses with a BSN, and if surgery is your calling, you’ll want to have every advantage you can to beat out the competition with an advanced degree.
  4. Nursing Informatics: Nurse I informaticists help hospitals and other healthcare agencies to integrate technology into nursing care. Our MSN in Nurse Informatics can help you get into this quickly growing specialization.
  5. Nurse Education: With a Master of Science in Nursing, you can specialize in teaching new nursing students. These nurses help to prepare students in both the classroom and clinical setting.
  6. Nursing Administration: Have a love of leadership and management? Obtaining an MSN Nurse Administrator degree might be for you. These nurses help organizations with everything from policy making to technology.
  7. Family Nurse Practitioner: The need for Nurse Practitioners is expected to grow tremendously in the next decade. You’ll need an MSN degree to be able to work as one of these independently practicing nurses.

With an advanced degree, you’ll have many more options opened to you as an RN. South University can help you with our online programs for RNs, either with our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) completion program or in our Accelerated RN to MSN program.

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