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Top Career Opportunities for Someone with an Online Psychology Degree

by South University
September 24, 2012

For someone who attended one of South University’s online programs, in particular the online psychology degree program, the worlds holds a bright future in various prospective career paths. In fact, it is a common misconception that a person who holds a degree in the social science of psychology must earn a doctorate and inevitably become a psychologist. Although this is an option, even someone who has a bachelor's degree has plenty of entry level career options to select from.

  1. Counselor
    The most common career choice is to become a counselor. As a counselor, your main responsibility is to assist individuals by listening and offering advice. There are numerous types of counselors, and each one deals with a certain group of people or focuses on a particular problem. For instance, a child counselor identifies issues with children and treats them, while a drug and alcohol abuse counselor provides assistance to those who are suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse. Corporate offices may hire a person with a bachelor's degree in psychology to supply employees with advice and guidance in order to increase productivity.
  2. Human Resources Manager
    A human resources manager, or an HR manager, does the hiring process within a company. An HR person is also responsible for training and evaluating the staff. An HR person is also in charge of dismissing employees and resolving employee issues. In some cases, this job title may include clerical duties.
  3. Working in Mental Health
    The psych unit or the mental health ward in a hospital or even a facility that centers around psychiatric patients is in need of individuals who understand the physiology of the human mind, as well as the diseases and other issues that plague it. Working in a mental unit gives you the ability to choose from various careers, such as a mental health technician, a mental health counselor or a mental case manager.
  4. Social Workers
    Social workers may be either a direct-service social worker or a clinical social worker. Those who classify as a direct-service social worker tend to help individuals with everyday problems. This includes finding work and intervening during child abuse. A hospital may hire a social worker to work with patients to ensure that pregnant women are taking care of themselves and are looking out for the best interest of the unborn baby, and these individuals may also help those with financial issues to locate medical assistance to cover hospital expenses. A social worker will also listen to patient's problems and provide advice, when needed. On the other hand, there are clinical social workers who address mental health issues, since these individuals understand how environment affects a patient.

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