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Transfer of Credit: 5 Ways to Qualify and Shorten Your Path to Graduation

by South University
April 9, 2015 Learn about 5 types of transfer credit that can help you reduce the cost of your education and shorten your path to graduation at South University.

Did you start school at another institution but had to withdraw before graduating? Maybe you’re currently enrolled elsewhere and beginning to think about switching schools. Or perhaps you’re preparing to earn your degree and you’re hoping your professional experience or prior knowledge can give you a head start.

Transfer of Credit: 5 Ways to Qualify and Shorten Your Path to Graduation

Either way, South University believes what you already know and the progress you’ve already made toward earning your degree should not be ignored. We’re happy to evaluate your past schooling (including associate’s degree programs) and experience to see if you qualify for a transfer of credits.

While there’s a limit to the total credit hours you can transfer toward an undergraduate degree at South University, transfer credit is a great way to reduce your total cost and save time earning your degree. Five types of credit transfers available at South University include:

1. Credit from Previous Courses

Earn credit for courses you’ve already taken at an accredited college or university. If the course was offered at South University or compatible with the university’s distribution requirements, you may be eligible to earn credits for grades of a C or better. You may also be able to receive course credit if you achieved AP credit with a high score.

2. Military Training and Experience

If you’re a veteran or active duty member of the military, your training and experience may have already earned you credits toward your degree. Discuss your training, coursework and occupational specialty with your academic and admissions team to see if you qualify.

3. Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DSST)

Get credit in more than 30 areas for knowledge you’ve acquired outside a traditional classroom setting, by taking an exam to see if you’re eligible to receive college credit. Exam fees are as low as $80 and can help you save time and money by not having to sit through courses you’ve already mastered.

4. College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Take a CLEP exam and have your results sent directly to South University to see if you’re eligible to receive college credit for the skills you’ve gained on-the-job or in a non-traditional educational setting. Each exam is $80, but can help you earn your degree in a much quicker and more cost effective manner.

5. American Council on Education (ACE) Certifications

The ACE College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) helps experienced professionals earn college credit for formal courses and examinations taken outside a traditional classroom. ACE also includes military training. Talk to your Academic Counselor about any training you’ve already undergone that may qualify as transfer credits.

Learn More about Transferring Your Credit!

Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by case basis. South University offers no guarantee that credit earned at another institution will be accepted into a program of study offered by South University.

Want to know more? Call us today at 1.888.444.3404 to speak with our Admissions team about what credit you may be eligible for and how that credit could you help complete your degree program in less time!

South University does not guarantee third-party certification/licensure. Outside agencies control the requirements for taking and passing certification/licensing exams and are subject to change without notice to South University.

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