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Truth Be Told: Online Classes

September 23, 2011

By Guest Blogger

Dawn Starbinski
Student at South University Online Programs

You walk into the room and comfortably sit in front of your computer thinking, “Okay, I can do this, even though I am a computer illiterate.” You take a long sip of your cool iced tea and grab a bite of your tuna on rye when suddenly the realization hits you that you are about to embark on the beginning of your own future. The future you have dreamed about, and if you are honest with yourself, procrastinated about for years, is finally upon you. You grab the mouse in your slightly sweaty palm, swallowing down that crust of rye as you click that button that sends you spinning through the virtual web into the twilight zone…also known as Chemistry 1010.

Here you are confronted with an amalgamation of math, science and dread. The tuna on rye is sitting somewhere just below your breastbone as you think, just for a moment, “Oh my God, I’m in big trouble.” Flashbacks of your high school science teacher come to mind with the same potency of a black and white horror film. You hear the narrator in your head saying in that ominous voice, “The creature from the black lagoon with a scientific calculator is on the loose.”

“Ahhhh!” You hear yourself scream. Just then your 6 year old comes into the kitchen with a strange look on her face as she says “Oh my god mom, you are sooo weird.”

Thus the journey begins and the reality sets in that this will be a wild ride and the concept of online classes being easy is as far from your mind as what gourmet meal you will be preparing for dinner tonight. The laundry can wait one more hour and the dishes in the sink can soak for a few more minutes; as you begin to read the biographies of your classmates and you realize you are not alone, there are others out there reaching for an incredible dream. The same dream you have tucked somewhere in the back of your mind. This dream that will carry you forward into the future and it’s one that has been ignored far too long. So you say to yourself, “Bring on the lagoon dude, I will kick his butt!”

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