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Unique Charity Organizations — Uncommon Ways to Give Something Back

by South University
March 22, 2013 South Source looks into unique charity organizations.

Charity organizations are responsible for doing so much good for so many people throughout the world. While we’re all familiar with larger, more well-known causes, there are also many smaller, more uncommon ones that need charitable contributions as well.

Learn more about some of the charity organizations who are doing their part to give something back in a somewhat unique manner:

  • Team Helps: This charity works to help improve living conditions of impoverished families in rural Guatemala by working to install ONIL stoves, water filtration systems, and cement floors in their homes. The Team Helps site notes that the traditional Mayan method of cooking is with open flames in the home, which is the cause of many different medical problems for families. The site continues saying that the leading cause of death for children in Guatemala is respiratory illness, caused by these open fires in the home.
  • Heifer International: With a mission to help communities end hunger and poverty and care for the earth, Heifer International gives families the gift of livestock and training to care for the animal. All the organization asks in return is that each family agree to give one of its livestock’s offspring to another family in need.
  • Child’s Play: This game industry charity works to make life a little bit better for children in their network of more than 70 hospitals throughout the world. Hospital staff works with Child’s Play to create wish lists filled with video games, toys, books, and other fun activities for kids. Donors can then head to the Child’s Play site to see what each hospital has requested and either send the item itself or a cash donation.
  • Knit ‘n Style: This magazine has a very comprehensive “Knitting for Charity” list containing more than a dozen different charities that skilled knitters can lend their services to. Some of these include Afghans for Afghans, Chemo Caps, Shawl Ministry, and Snuggles Project 


Volunteering your time to charity organizations is one of the most selfless things you can do, but that’s not the only way to give something back. Check out these nontraditional ways to make charitable contributions:

  • Volunteers of America: In addition to accepting traditional cash donations, Volunteers of America offers to take your old car, truck, RV or even boat off your hands. The money from your donation stays local, so you can feel good about helping others in your community.
  • TisBest: If you’ve ever wanted to make charitable contributions in someone else’s name, but weren’t sure what causes were closest to their heart, TisBest is your answer. Shoppers on this site buy gift cards for a certain amount of money, and then the recipient chooses which charity organizations the donation goes to.
  • TOMS Shoes: Those wishing there was a way to give something back to charity when shopping for themselves must head to TOMS Shoes. The company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need, for every pair purchased. TOMS also sells eyewear and promises to give sight to one person for each pair sold. On their website the company defines giving sight as prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment.
  • Shop for Charity: It’s so easy to give something back on the Shop for Charity site that you really don’t have to do anything. Head to the site before doing your online shopping to receive charitable contributions of at least 10% of your purchase price to an organization of your choosing.

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