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What does South University mean to me?

by South University
May 17, 2015 Learn what South University means to current Bachelor of Arts in Psychology student Bobby Porter.
What does South University mean to me?

Written by Bobby L. Porter
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology student
South University, Savannah

We live in a land of opportunity, and each of us needs to take advantage of the many opportunities we are given to form a brighter future for ourselves. To me, South University is my opportunity to further my goals. Having a chance to attend school and get an education that will prepare me for a rewarding career is priceless.

If, as individuals, we fail to realize our ability to positively impact the surrounding world—from minor to major transformations—it will be nearly impossible for communities to evolve into stronger versions of their current selves. But, when we realize our potential to change the world around us and pass along our knowledge from present to future generations, we ensure the efficient progression of society.

In the current information age, I believe education is the key to societal advancement. South University encourages social and economic progression by preserving the American dream of opportunity and giving us the tools to succeed. I have learned that going back to school and getting my education through South University is only beneficial if I am persistent, work hard, and fully utilize this opportunity. It is the individual who decides what to do with the capability to learn; using it wisely will lead to positive improvement.

Furthermore, South University encourages democratic ideals by giving students the freedom to explore and ask questions. I have learned that I can succeed by questioning what I do not understand and taking advantage of opportunities to expand my realm of knowledge. South University inspires me to break boundaries in order to fully utilize my abilities for personal and societal improvement.

I would not have accomplished as much as I have at South University if it wasn’t for my Admissions Representative, Christine Smith. She was the first one to see something in me and help me to get the ball rolling and admitted to my first class. The next person to have a large hand in my success is my Student Finance Counselor Bill Pettis, who was able to help me find the finances I needed to attend the university. Lastly, I would like to thank my Academic Counselor Pamela Stamer for her ability to keep my academic skills polished, fine-tuned, and work to prepare me to develop into a graduate student.

Now the time has come to hand down the torch to my daughter. I still remember the day we brought her home after being at the hospital for over 120 days. Now she is 19, out of high school and entering her first classes in a school that I know will treat her with the upmost respect. That school goes by the name of South University. By going to this school, I believe she will secure a brighter future and a chance to live the same American dream of opportunity that has been given to me through South University.

In closing, I would like to say thank you to South University for being a part of our educational success and for giving my family the chance to have a future.

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