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What's an Online Master's Degree in Nursing Worth?

May 19, 2011

An online master’s degree in nursing can offer you many new and exciting opportunities in the nursing field. The worth of a master's degree in nursing is measured by the advantages graduates have in the workplace. Graduates from institutions such as South University can expect to be introduced to advanced research and teaching skills, as well as enhanced knowledge of the nursing practices they use on a daily basis.

An online master's degree in nursing can prepare students for professional nursing positions as well as teaching positions in various medical settings. This can present the opportunities for higher salaries, as well as more opportunities for leadership roles.

The Difference a Quality Education Can Make in Your Career
Along with offering a comprehensive online degree program in nursing, South University's online degree programs also offer a Nurse Educator specialization program. This unique program offers a focus on education training, allowing graduates to go on to inspire others, as well as help to shape the future of healthcare. After graduating with this specialized training, graduates are prepared to handle the fast paced, challenging, and exciting world of nursing.

If you are considering an online master’s in nursing, South University is a great choice to not only receive an education that can help to advance your career. The combination of in class education, as well as online degree programs means that students can take advantage of the best of both worlds. An online education allows you to earn your degree on your own time, and the ability to attend the campus of South University means that students can also receive clinical training in person.

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