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Why Become a CPA?

by South University
February 27, 2015 If you hope to work in the field of business and finance, there are few more prestigious roles than

If you hope to work in the field of business and finance, there are few more prestigious roles than that of a certified professional accountant (CPA). Candidates must undertake comprehensive academic and technical training, spend several years on the job and pass a rigorous exam. Here are some reasons why many find the commitment to be worthwhile.

Top 4 Reasons

Career Diversity

When people think of accounting professions, they often think of crunching numbers in a dusty back room. The reality couldn’t be more different. CPAs typically enjoy a high profile career with a chance to work in areas such as forensic and environmental accounting. Globalization makes the opportunities for multi-lingual candidates wishing to enter the field of international accounting even more enticing.

Financial Reward

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the average median salary for a standard accountant at $63,550, but CPAs can expect to earn considerably more. Actual remuneration varies, but the Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide for Accounting & Finance reports that, nationally the salary of a forensic accountant is between $71,500 and $111,500 a year. As you might expect, additional experience and expertise can lead to opportunities and salaries of even greater magnitude.

Professional Development

Entry-level accountants are to be commended for their problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills, but you will only get so far on the back of a bachelor's degree. Many candidates choose to strengthen their goal of becoming a CPA by earning a master’s degree. Doing so will highlight your desire to enhance your career and help you to prepare for leadership and management roles. Indeed, some roles are only available to candidates with a master’s-level qualification.

Job Security

Employment for accountants and auditors is expected to climb by 13% in the ten-year period leading up to 2022. Furthermore, the Mergis Group Finance and Accounting Employee Confidence Index shows that at ten points above the national average, confidence among U.S. accounting workers is at a level not seen since prior to the recession. CPAs, in particular, are important thanks to the current government’s demand for broader oversight of financial markets.

Next Steps

Becoming a CPA requires a firm commitment and a strong desire to succeed. The route to achieving this higher-ranked position in the field of accounting serves to attract only the most motivated of candidates. Do you have what it takes?

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