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You Know You’re Ready to Pursue a Graduate Degree When…

by South University, Online Programs
August 3, 2014

Deciding to attend grad school is a very big move. If you’re currently going back and forth on whether it’s time to earn a master’s degree, there’s a good chance you already have your answer. If most ─ or all ─ of the 10 characteristics below sound familiar, you’re probably ready to hit the books.


Graduate student

You’re leading the team more often than not.

You’re already a natural leader. Grad school is an incredible opportunity to further develop those leadership skills and to help you prepare for a future in management.


You’re always part of the solution.

As a natural problem-solver, grad school is a place where you can thrive. You’ll be given complex assignments and teamed with classmates to complete projects, allowing you to challenge yourself and further develop your abilities.


You’re challenging to do more work outside your current scope.

Show your boss you’re serious about taking on more stimulating assignments by taking the initiative to gain the knowledge needed to excel on advanced projects.


You realize that you’re a lifelong learner.

As a naturally curious person, you deeply enjoy learning. Stimulate your mind by pursuing a master’s degree.


Your mentors encourage you to advance your degree.

You trust your mentors to give you sound career advice. If they recommend pursing a master’s degree as a way to help advance your career, you can rest assured that this investment will be worth your while.


The majority of your mentors have an advanced degree.

You chose your mentors because they’re people you’d like to model yourself after. If most of them have an advanced degree, it’s very likely that pursuing one could also help you achieve personal and professional fulfillment.


You’re debating to yourself the pros and cons of getting an advanced degree.

Grad school is heavily weighing on your mind if you’re already evaluating the pros and cons of earning a master’s degree. If you know you want it, go ahead and let yourself pursue it. With flexible online learning options available, you can do this, even with your busy schedule!


You’re eyeing up a job that requires an advanced degree.

Don’t hold yourself back from your dream job. Get the master’s degree you need to excel at the position and let yourself have a career you truly enjoy.


You already know what you want to study.

You’re already focused on what you want to learn, allowing you to maximize your investment.


You’re passionate about advancing your knowledge in a specific field.

Not only are you hoping your master’s degree will give you a competitive advantage in the workforce, you’re also excited to learn more about your chosen area of study, because you can’t get enough of it.

How many of the items listed above sound like you? Request more information about South University or explore our programs today to get started!

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