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by South University Online Programs
February 3, 2015 Help up improve by taking the 2015 Noel Levitz Priorities Survey!
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Help up improve by taking the 2015 Noel Levitz Priorities Survey

South University, Online Programs constantly strives to provide you with the best possible student experience. We want to do everything we can to provide you with a strong and supportive learning environment ─ which is why we need your feedback!

During the first few months of each year, we ask you to take the annual Noel Levitz Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL), so we can identify areas for improvement. Not only do your responses allow us to enhance your educational experience, they also help pave the way for the next generation of incoming students.

The 2015 survey is now live on the Campus Common. Please take a few minutes to complete this assessment, so we can make our university an even better place to learn.

See how your feedback makes a difference

If you hadn’t already noticed, we take your feedback very seriously. After carefully reviewing the responses from the 2014 survey, we put some major changes into action.

A lot of you requested additional support at the beginning of your classes, so we created a plan that makes it easier to get to know your instructor and your courses. You also mention that our technology requirement could get a bit confusing, so we found ways to improve that as well! There’s always more to do, but here’s a look at the progress we’ve already made!

  1. New Faculty Videos Added to the Classroom: To make your learning experience more personal, our faculty members have started sharing introductory videos of themselves. Expect to see more in the future!
  2. Better Faculty Welcome Calls: We’re working together with our faculty members to make sure they contact every student and provide you with all the information needed for a great class start.
  3. Enhanced Staff Training: Our graduation team members are engaging in additional training, so they can provide better assistance during your first week of school. We’re equipping them with the necessary tools to provide assistance with common technical issues at any point in your course.
  4. Improved Orientation: We’ve added new resources and materials to the orientation classroom that we believe will help new students develop the skillset they need to succeed.
  5. Campus Common button
  6. Updated Technology Requirements: As a result of your comments, we reviewed and updated all of our software requirements to make sure they were clear and consistent, both in the classroom and in the class catalog. We also worked with the graduation team members to make sure they’re prepared to discuss the technology you’ll be using.
  7. And More: We never stop working to improve your student experience. Stay tuned to see what’s next!

The 2015 survey is here!

Now that you can see how much your feedback really matters, we hope you’ll take a few minutes out of your busy day to complete the 2015 Noel Levitz Priorities Survey in the Campus Common! We need your help to make South University, Online Programs an even better place to learn.

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