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Earning a degree could benefit your life in many far-reaching ways – some perhaps that you’ve considered and others that hadn’t yet crossed your mind. While everyone’s experience and goals are unique, here are just a few possible outcomes of earning your degree.

Land a new job or promotion with upward mobility

Some employers require or strongly prefer that new hires have a degree. Check job descriptions for the roles that interest you to see the education requirements and preferences of local employers. In many cases, earning a degree can not only help you qualify for new jobs, but it can also get you on a career path with opportunity to continue growing and advancing over the years.

Earn a higher salary

Whether at your current job or elsewhere, having a college degree can lead to higher earnings over time. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those with a college degree have both higher earnings and lower unemployment rates than those without a degree. In salary negotiations, your degree, your course projects and your various college experiences are all things you can use to demonstrate the value you have to offer a company.

Get more responsibility at work

If you like your industry or company but you’re in need of something more challenging, earning your degree could be exactly what you need. Continuing your education can give you the skills and credentials to convince your employer that you’re ready to step up at work in big ways. As you take on new, interesting tasks, you’ll get a chance to prove yourself – something that could lead to a future raise.

Qualify for a job with better benefits

Higher-level jobs that require degrees may have good benefit packages (including insurance, retirement plans and increased time off) that allow you to better care for yourself and your family. At the very least, having a degree can allow you to be more selective in what jobs you take, and you can consider factors like benefits when picking what’s right for you!

Experience higher job satisfaction

If you earn a degree in a field you’re passionate about – be it nursing, healthcare or psychology, to name a few options – you can pursue a career you’ll find fun and rewarding. Of course, you’ll still occasionally have long days, but wouldn’t you rather set yourself up to be happy as often as possible? Why not choose a career that brings you joy? When you like your work, that happiness can spread throughout your life, decreasing stress and increasing well-being.

Become more active in the community

With your college education, you’ll have the opportunity to develop more skills that allow you to contribute in your community through work or volunteer hours. At South University, we strive to foster community awareness and involvement in all of our online and on-campus students. As you engage with your community, you can experience fulfillment from helping others, while also forming new connections and expanding your personal and professional relationships.

Approach life with more confidence and self-esteem

Earning a degree is not just about learning industry-specific knowledge; you can also build skills like professionalism, teamwork, time management, critical thinking and more. You’ll be challenged and pushed to realize how capable you really are. Sure, sometimes you’ll need help, but college can also make you see that there’s never shame in asking questions or requesting support. After earning a degree, you can be confident in both your professional skills and your ability to succeed at what you put your mind to.

Gain new friends and mentors you can count on

In many ways, college is about connection. At South University, you’ll take classes with like-minded peers who share your career goals and aspirations. As you support each other through your program, you can develop strong bonds that continue long after you earn your degree. So too will you work closely and connect with your instructors, who will serve your as mentors and may even remain a professional contact throughout your career.

Start a journey of lifelong learning

Once you discover the value of education, you may set your sights and goals even higher, so that you move on to the next degree level and the next stage of your career in less time. Earning your degree can also inspire you to continue your professional learning and development by attending industry conferences, trainings and webinars or by simply doing increased research and reading.

Inspire family members to follow in your footsteps

By going to college, you’re setting an example for everyone you know. Whether your friends and family choose to do the same in a few years or much later down the road, you can serve as inspiration. They’ll also know you’re there to answer questions and support them through the journey of earning a college degree.

Want to know more? Request information to talk to our admissions team today about finding the right degree program for you at South University.