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Candace Knowles in her graduation gown from South University

2022 South University, West Palm Beach graduate Candice Knowles thought about going back to school for a while before making the leap. At the time, she was comfortable in her life and didn’t feel motivated to make a change. However, everything changed in late 2016, when she was held at gunpoint at her job. After that experience, she felt compelled to pursue her goals and dreams. Today, she holds her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and is ready to start making her mark in the healthcare field.

“I choose to pursue nursing because I love how I can make people feel while doing that, and I will have the versatility and capabilities to make a beneficial difference in this field,” she says. “I want each of my future patients to know that they matter.”

Candice selected South University in part because she had friends and family who attended the school and shared good things about the experience and the learning environment. Upon enrolling, Candice was pleased to find a supportive community of people helping her pursue her nursing degree. “My experience with the faculty overall was truly a blessing from the start to finish,” she says. “I wasn’t just a number. I mattered. From admissions to financial aid, my teachers, and career services, they cared about my well-being and my success.”

For Candice, the key to succeeding in her studies has been having a spirit of optimism, perseverance, and caring. For her fellow students, she advises them to stay focused and steadfast in their commitment to their goals. “Stay on your purpose. This is for you. This is your investment in you. You are your best investment. Wake up every day reminding yourself of that,” she shares, in addition to advocating the importance of following your heart. “No matter what field you pursue, if you’re not passionate about it, it will always show.”

Equipped with the knowledge she learned in the BSN program and the skills developed through her coursework and clinical experiences, Candice feels ready to enter the nursing field. “South University has prepared me in so many ways starting with the magnificent faculty and their connections in the community for us,” she says. “I’m so glad I chose South to be a part of making my goals and dreams come true.”

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