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Elizabeth Arnaez

South University, West Palm Beach graduate Elizabeth Arnaez earned her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2022 and is working as a pre-licensed counselor at Keys Gate Wellness and Associates LLC in Florida.

Elizabeth chose her program of study because she wanted a way to help others to become their best possible selves. Through South University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, she studied evidence-based counseling techniques and methods for diagnosing, assessing, and treating clients. In addition to her courses, Elizabeth completed an internship in a healthcare setting. She taught patients non-pharmaceutical pain management techniques, provided opioid risk education, and assessed addiction risk factors.

“South University prepared me for my career because it helped me understand different disorders and treatment plans. It gave me a community of like minded individuals who supported one another through this journey,” she says.

In particular, Elizabeth says her program director was a strong source of support throughout her time as a student. “He did everything he could to help me continue on my path and gave me the support I needed since day one,” she says. “This university wants to see you succeed and will do everything they can to help you accomplish your goals.”

Today, Elizabeth is certified as a Life Pain Specialist and Field Traumatologist as well as in Mental Health First Aid and Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has worked with individuals of all ages, from children to adults. Her specialties include anxiety, depression, self esteem, stress, anger, and adjustment disorder. In all her work, she aims to create a nonjudgmental environment where her clients can feel comfortable and welcomed.

For others considering continuing their education or pursuing a new career, Elizabeth offers this advice. “Reach for your dreams and make them come true,” she says. “You can achieve so much more than you thought possible. Don’t hold yourself back!”

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