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A 2022 graduate of South University’s online programs who earned her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management, Shakedra Chardae Andrews is excited to see how her new degree and new skills will help her to grow her career. 

“I choose this program because I absolutely love working in the healthcare field,” says Shakedra, who is currently a Hospices Aide at Heart to Heart Hospices of North Texas. “I have worked in other fields but the healthcare field keeps pulling me back!”

Shakedra has worked in healthcare for nearly 20 years, including serving as a certified nurse assistant and working in hospice care, a long term care facility, home health, and physician’s offices. She began her studies toward her bachelor’s degree at another university but, after transferring into South University, she was very pleased with the courses and people she encountered here.

“South University is a great place to pursue your degree as the faculty wants to see you make it and will help you to the end,” Shakedra shares. “They made sure I never gave up because they knew I could do it.”

As a student in the online Healthcare Management program, Shakedra was able to grow her knowledge of the delivery and organization of healthcare systems. The program also allows students to examine topics like leadership, finance, marketing, information management, ethics, and more in the context of healthcare. In the capstone course, students integrate and apply everything they learned to analyze case studies and develop a strategic plan for a healthcare organization.

“South University has given me the tools I need to take on the next chapter of my life for the career path I have chosen!” she says. “Having these tools has prepared me so that I can be successful at handling the things that may come as I go into the administration field.”

While her path hasn’t always been easy, Shakedra is proud of all she’s accomplished and confident that a bright future is ahead.  “No matter what you go through in life, you can and will always achieve your goals and dreams as long as you keep pushing and never give up on yourself. If you don't have faith in you then who will?” she advises. “We all go through adversity, but we all can overcome adversity too. No matter how hard it may seem, there is a rainbow at the end of every storm!” 

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