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By completing her RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree through South University’s online programs in 2021, Amanda Dubreuiel has strengthened and expanded her nursing skills. She’s also set herself up for the next step in her nursing journey.

“By helping me further my education, South University is getting me one step closer toward my final goal,” says Amanda. “I plan to finish with my nurse practitioner degree and certification and return to sports medicine or family health to serve my community.”

Amanda currently works as a middle school nurse where she is responsible for attending to the medical needs of over 700 students, including administering prescribed medications as well as providing health education and evaluations. While the students took virtual classes during the COVID pandemic, Amanda also volunteered to support the school cafeterias in packing lunches to deliver to students. “The thing I love the most about my duties here are the children,” says Amanda.

Amanda has been working in the nursing field for 15 years, starting as a Licensed Practical Nurse before becoming a Registered Nurse and, most recently, earning her BSN. Prior to working as a school nurse, Amanda was a nurse for orthopedic surgery patients. 

She chose South University for earning her BSN degree as several of her nursing colleagues had previously attended the University. Once here, she found faculty and staff who were always willing to provide her with help and assistance in a timely manner.

Amanda sees advancing her education as a way to open new doors and opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to her. While earning a degree takes hard work and commitment, she is proud of her accomplishment.

“Anything worth having comes with struggles. It’s no different with school or furthering your education,” she says, advising current students to maintain their focus. “All your hard work will be over before you know it.”

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