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Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Tanisha Verge, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Class of 2018
A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree builds on your basic knowledge of this field of study with courses that focus on the causes of crime and critical insights into the functions of the criminal justice system. Course topics include the response by police, courts, and corrections to crime and violence, ethical concerns, theoretical and applied criminal justice, causes of crime, and the process of adjudicating criminal cases. The BS in Criminal Justice at South University West Palm Beach serves as the springboard for an entry-level position in the field.

Admission Requirements

Please see the South University academic catalog for program specific admissions requirements.

Course Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: 180 Credits
Area I General Education Requirements: 64 Credits
Professional Development
ITS1000 Computer and Internet Literacy, 4 Credit Hours
UVC1000 Strategies for Success, 4 Credit Hours
Basic Communications
ENG1100 Composition I, 4 Credit Hours
ENG1200 Composition II, 4 Credit Hours
ENG1300 Composition III, 4 Credit Hours
Choose one additional course from the list below:
COM2006 Interpersonal Communication, 4 Credit Hours
SPC1026 Public Speaking, 4 Credit Hours
Mathematics and Statistics
MAT2058 Statistics, 4 Credit Hours
Choose two additional courses from the list below:
MAT1001 College Algebra I, 4 Credit Hours
MAT1005 College Algebra II, 4 Credit Hours
MAT1500 College Mathematics, 4 Credit Hours
MAT2000 Pre-Calculus, 4 Credit Hours
MAT2101 Calculus I, 4 Credit Hours
MAT2102 Calculus II, 4 Credit Hours
Natural Sciences (choose two)
BIO1020 Biology I, 4 Credit Hours
BIO1021 Biology II, 4 Credit Hours
CHM1010 General Chemistry, 4 Credit Hours
Arts and Humanities (choose two)
ENG2002 World Literature I: From the Ancient World to the Middle Ages, 4 Credit Hours
ENG2003 World Literature II: From Enlightenment to Modernity, 4 Credit Hours
ENG2011 Introduction to American Literature: 1865 to present, 4 Credit Hours
HIS1101 U.S. History I: Colonial to 1865, 4 Credit Hours
HIS1102 U.S. History II: 1865 to Present, 4 Credit Hours
HUM1001 History of Art through the Middle Ages, 4 Credit Hours
HUM1002 History of Art from the Middle Ages to Modern Times, 4 Credit Hours
HUM2101 World Civilization I: Prehistory to 1500 C.E., 4 Credit Hours
HUM2102 World Civilization II: 1500 to Present, 4 Credit Hours
PHI2301 Introduction to Philosophy, 4 Credit Hours
REL1001 World Religions, 4 Credit Hours
Social and Behavioral Sciences
PSY1001 General Psychology, 4 Credit Hours
SOC1001 Introduction to Sociology, 4 Credit Hours
Choose one additional course from the list below:
ECO2071 Principles of Microeconomics, 4 Credit Hours
ECO2072 Principles of Macroeconomics, 4 Credit Hours
POL2076 American Government, 4 Credit Hours
SOC2010 Social Problems, 4 Credit Hours
Area II Foundation Requirements: 44 Credits
PSY2007 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences, 4 Credit Hours

(must be taken concurrently with PSY2008 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Lab)

PSY2008 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Lab, 2 Credit Hours
PSY2060 Research Methods, 4 Credit Hours

(must be taken concurrently with PSY2061 Research Methods Lab)

PSY2061 Research Methods Lab, 2 Credit Hours
Elective Pool (eight courses or 32 credits)

Transfer students may transfer any course to help fulfill the elective pool requirements, provided the course meets the standards of the Credit for Transcripted and Non-Transcripted Work policy found in the Academic Affairs section of this catalog.

Non-transfer students, with their advisor's consultation and approval may choose courses from any department recommended and listed course or more broadly from any course offered by South University. Work from other fields must include any required prerequisite courses in the elective field.

A course can be used to meet only one requirement in Area I, Area II, or Area III, but not simultaneously in two areas. Students should work with their academic advisor or counselor to be sure they are making appropriate course choices.

Choose eight courses from the following list:
CRJ3014 Criminal Justice and the Media, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3023 Organized Crime, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3026 Concepts in Crime Mapping and Prevention, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4002 Restorative Justice, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4009 Illegal Immigration and the Criminal Justice System, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4011 Terrorism and Homeland Security, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4015 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4021 Cyber Crime, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4650 Forensic Issues, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4995 Criminal Justice Internship I, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4996 Criminal Justice Internship II, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4997 Criminal Justice Internship III, 4 Credit Hours
Area III Major Requirements: 72 Credits
Core: 44 Credits
CRJ1001 Introduction to Criminal Justice System, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ2100 Introduction to Law Enforcement, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ2200 Introduction to Criminal Courts, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ2300 Introduction to Corrections, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ2800 Criminal Law and Procedures, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3003 Juvenile Delinquency, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3004 Race, Class, and Gender in Criminal Justice, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3005 Criminal Justice Management and Administration, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3011 Criminology, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3025 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3500 Ethics in Criminal Justice, 4 Credit Hours
Program Electives (choose six): 24 Credits
CRJ3015 White Collar Crime, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3024 Serial Killers and Mass Murderers, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3300 Community Based Corrections, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ3600 Introduction to Forensics, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4001 Victimology, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4003 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4500 Violence in Society, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4600 Crime Scene Investigation and Case Management, 4 Credit Hours
CRJ4999 Senior Seminar (Capstone), 4 Credit Hours

Acceptance into a South University Criminal Justice program or its completion does not imply or guarantee that a student will be able to obtain employment in law enforcement, corrections, probation/parole or related fields. The student should contact the national, state or local agency/institution in which the student intends to gain employment for specific requirements and the application process.

South University, Online Program offerings may not be available to residents of all states.  Please contact an admissions representative for further information.


Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of skills in the areas of theoretical and applied criminal justice as well as in principles and practices to effectively solve a variety of field-based problems.
  • Understand the causes of crime and delinquency, the process of adjudicating criminal cases, and the major components of the criminal justice system.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and ethical skills as applied to the discipline.
  • Develop the techniques to effectively interpret and make use of research methodology and to apply scientific reasoning to the study of crime and justice.

Career Outlook

Students in the criminal justice program receive excellent preparation for further study in graduate or professional schools as well as for entry-level careers in the criminal justice system.

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Success STories

Outstanding Education for Remarkable Careers

We're committed to helping our graduates make an impact in their professional and personal lives. We applaud our alumni and the difference they make. Check out what some of our Criminal Justice & Legal Studies graduates have to say.

Vicki Tucci 1997
Vicki Tucci Grad Alumni
Class of '96
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

“Ultimately, I would like to use my experience and law degree to become a judge. As a young, single mom still fleshing out a career, I felt so clueless about many things. It was that hunger for knowledge that led me to South University’s program in paralegal studies. I got so much more than a classroom education. I found friends, professional contacts, and a world of inspiration from being around people who wanted to see me at my best.”

Alicia Parler 2010
Alicia Parler Grad Alumni
Class of '10
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

“The comradery among service men and women exists due to hardships and discipline soldiers confront together on a regular basis. More than anything, military life has taught me to appreciate my freedom as an American, something I took for granted before I joined. I learned self-discipline, which made me a better student, and ultimately, helped me realize my career aspirations. As soon as I stepped foot onto campus, and started contacting professors like Carolyn Horner, the whole experience from start-to-finish has been welcoming and encouraging. ”

Linda Hunter 2010
Linda Hunter Grad Alumni
Class of '10
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

“I can go just about anywhere and say I have a bachelor's degree in Legal Studies from a university whose program is approved by the ABA, and professionals know what that means. I know my hard work and the degree will be noticed.”

blue cap and gown graduate icon
Peter Gross Grad Alumni
Class of '10
Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

“My classes at South University were inspiring, not just informative; a thorough curriculum absolutely gave me the background I needed to be hired immediately at my law office.”

Steve Knafelc 2013
Steve Knafelc Grad Alumni
Class of '13
Master of Science in Criminal Justice

“All of my classes were conducted online, and with my work schedule at the sheriff's office this was the best move for me to make.”