Discover Lisa Belton's experience in the Counseling program

"I found myself liking the staff, and how it's family oriented. We have six or seven in the classroom and so I felt comfortable talking in front of everybody."

Discover Lisa Belton's experience in the Counseling program


Counseling and Psychology

For students with curious minds and an interest for learning what makes people tick, the field of psychology is a well-suited career track. To help you develop the necessary skills for this profession, we offer a versatile course schedule that includes general, behavioral health, and experimental and research concentrations, giving you the opportunity to explore different disciplines and decide which is right for you.

South University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is for graduate students. It is specifically designed to help those seeking a deeper understanding of the counseling profession and the specialized set of skills and knowledge necessary to effectively treat patients, helping them resolve life issues and overcome emotional issues.

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