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South University, Austin, Information Systems and Technology. Competitiveness in the classroom. Readiness for a rewarding career.

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Competitiveness in the classroom. Readiness for a rewarding career.

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Master of Science in Information Systems: 48 Credits
Foundation of Business Courses (Choose 1): 4 Credits
LEA5125 Leadership Ethics, Culture, and Politics, 4 Credit Hours
MBA5001 Organizational Behavior and Communication, 4 Credit Hours
MBA5004 Managerial Economics, 4 Credit Hours
MBA5005 Law and Ethics for Managers, 4 Credit Hours
MBA5008 Quantitative Analysis and Decision Making, 4 Credit Hours
Foundation Information Systems and Technology: 8 Credits
MIS5020 Information Systems Fundamentals, 4 Credit Hours
MIS5030 Emerging Technologies, 4 Credit Hours
Core: 28 Credits
MIS6000 Principles of System Development, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6010 Project Management, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6020 Corporate Information Systems Management, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6210 Decision Support Systems, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6211 Data Management, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6230 IT Audit, Control, and Compliance, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6250 Organizational Information Security, 4 Credit Hours
Elective (Choose 1): 4 Credits
MIS6160 Information Design and Usability, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6161 Human Computer Interaction, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6212 Cognitive Computing, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6231 Risk Management, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6262 Network Operations Management, 4 Credit Hours
MIS6990 Information Systems Internship, 4 Credit Hours
Capstone: 4 Credits
MIS6995 Information Systems Capstone, 4 Credit Hours

South University, Online Program offerings may not be available to residents of all states.  Please contact an admissions representative for further information.