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South University, a reputation built on excellence. A curriculum designed to prepare. Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.

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A reputation built on excellence. A curriculum designed to prepare.

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The Mission of the South University School of Pharmacy is:

“To prepare graduates for the practice of pharmaceutical care and life-long learning,

and to promote faculty research, scholarship, and service.”


To become a national leader in pharmacy education.

The South University provides a learning community that facilitates critical thinking, problem solving skills and scholarship, using industry standard technology. It provides for active student centered learning that fosters life-long learning and continuing professional development. Although the School prepares pharmacists for all areas of practice, special emphasis is placed on the community environment in which the majority of health care services will be provided in the future.

In fulfillment of its mission, The School of Pharmacy strives for excellence in the following broad areas.


  • Provide students with the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, and values necessary to practice pharmaceutical care
  • Develop an understanding of and approach to critical inquiry
  • Facilitate the transformation of students from dependent to independent learners
  • Foster a desire and need for life-long learning
  • Provide a model of care that improves health outcomes for patients


  • Engage in all forms of scholarship, including the scholarship of teaching
  • Expose students to the processes of research
  • Encourage scholarly inquiry into the benefits of pharmaceutical care in improving patient outcomes

Professional Service and Practice

  • Develop an understanding of the value of interdisciplinary care
  • Provide students with models of wellness and community health programming
  • Involve students in the profession of pharmacy

Community Service

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of volunteerism and its impact on the community
  • Integrate the School into the daily life of the community