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Kimberly Mintz

Kimberly Mintz is an ambitious and hard-working Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at one of the largest employers in South Carolina. In 2023, her employer named her 3rd Quarter HR Super Star for excelling at recruitment. The year before, she was nationally recognized as a LinkedIn Top Recruiter of 2022. For her future, she aspires to work her way into higher leadership roles.*

Despite this current clarity, Kimberly didn’t know what type of career she wanted when she first enrolled at South University, Columbia. She only knew that her late grandmother had hoped that Kimberly would go to college and become something great, and Kimberly wanted to fulfill that wish. “Not having much of an idea of what I wanted to pursue as a career, I felt Business Administration was a major that applied to just about anywhere,” Kimberly explains. “It’s multifaceted and versatile so I was confident this type of degree would yield great benefits.”

Luckily, Kimberly enjoyed studying business and learned many skills and concepts that have proven valuable in the workplace. While a student, Kimberly faced struggles in her personal life, but she stayed committed to her education and asked for support when she needed it. “The staff at South University were very supportive,” says Kimberly. “They made time for me after hours when I needed assistance. They helped me through my testing anxiety and helped me move past my fear of failure.”

After completing her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in 2008, Kimberly was inspired to pursue her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Columbia campus. During her master’s program, Kimberly juggled her studies with a full-time job and being a caregiver for her sick mother. Thankfully, her mother’s health improved, and she was able to attend Kimberly’s graduation after she completed the MBA program in 2010.

“South University has done so much for me. I've met so many amazing students, professors, and staff that encouraged me, helped me grow, and pushed me to be the successful woman I am today,” says Kimberly.

Kimberly started her career in talent acquisition at one of the country’s largest staffing companies, where she hired and managed hundreds of contractors in Columbia, SC, and surrounding areas. Later, as a federal contractor for the US Department of Commerce, Kimberly supported hiring for the 2020 census. She has also worked in the tech field as a senior technical recruiter and senior talent manager for start-ups throughout the US and Canada.

In her current role, Kimberly partners with managers, directors, and executive leadership at Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina to develop and execute strategic hiring plans. She collaborates with community leaders and higher education institutions to identify recruitment opportunities, leads company internship programs, supports new and existing employees, and manages the full recruiting lifecycle.

 “South University business programs prepare you for challenges you will face in your career and how to overcome those challenges with the right resources, persistence, and the desire to succeed,” Kimberly says. “My education afforded me to sit in rooms of executive leaders that I may not have been able to sit in if it weren't for my level of education. Along with my experience, my education positions me for the next level in my career.”

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