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Dr. Kim Kuebler, DNP has a very impressive resume. The assistant program director and faculty member at South University, Online Programs’ College of Nursing and Public Health also serves as the founder and director of the Multiple Chronic Conditions Resource Center.

She is an adult nurse practitioner and clinical specialist in oncology from Emory University and received her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Vanderbilt University.

Additionally, Dr. Kuebler has held several prestigious state and federal appointments, including The Michigan Governor’s Commission on End of Life Care, two consecutive appointments to the US Department of Health and Human Services Medicare Evidence Advisory Committee and a grant review position at the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Awards. She also partnered with the World Health Organization in China on the integration of palliative care and studied with Macmillan Nurses in Oxford, England.

She has also achieved success in a variety of healthcare settings, including a successful independent adult primary care practice in Michigan and the creation of a self-management program for indigent patients with multiple chronic conditions in Savannah, GA.

Making a Difference at South University

Dr. Kuebler has been a faculty member at the South University since 2011, but she has involved with teaching since she became a nurse 32 years ago. In fact, she is currently working on her 8th textbook.

“I’m always looking to recognize what is needed in the field and to develop projects and resources to address what’s missing,” she said.

She enjoys helping nursing students challenge themselves to reach their full potential.

“I push the students hard, even if they don’t always like it,” Dr. Kuebler said. “For me, I love it when they have the ‘aha’ moment. Grad school programs can be a steep transition – they don’t expect the difficulty of that transition. So when I see them grasp a new idea or a concept, I just love it.”

As an educator, she recognizes the responsibility she has to prepare her students to provide the highest level of patient care.

“My job is to make sure the grad students have what they need to hit the ground running,” she said. “They need to understand how to use the resources that will support them in clinical practice. They need to see the importance of evidence-based guidelines in healthcare. From a clinical perspective, we [the faculty] work together to make sure those students have the resources and skills needed to promote optimal patient outcomes.”

Conference Frontrunner and Industry Expert

At the end of March, The Health Policy and Clinical Practice Conference for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions will take place, which was piloted by Dr. Kuebler. Health practitioners will convene in Savannah from March 26-28, 2015 to discuss the way patients with MCC are cared for and how this will change in the future with the onset of the Affordable Care Act.

“Policy changes everything. If they change policy one day, that’s going to change clinical practice the next day,” Kuebler said.

Dr. Kuebler is one of the five speakers scheduled to present at the conference. Her talk, which will be held on the morning of March 27, is titled “Federal Overview of the Issues: Multiple Chronic Conditions and Self-Management.” It will cover the ways that healthcare policy has increased the importance of teaching patients how to self-manage their conditions.


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