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South University 2015 graduate Tamanika Marshall decided to pursue her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) because she wanted there to be more practitioners who looked like her. Tamanika Marshall
“I chose to become a FNP due to the lack of representation of black providers,” she says. “I want to make a difference. Being a FNP gives me a platform to challenge implicit biases and decrease healthcare disparities. I decided to become the change I wanted to see.”

Tamanika earned her master’s degree in South University’s online programs because doing so offered the flexibility she wanted for her life. During the program, her faculty was very supportive and always took time to listen to her concerns, and the education she received has since been critical in pursuing her goals.

“South University provided me with an education that has elevated my way of life. It has allowed me to impact my community and leave a legacy for my family,” she says. “South University prepared me for my current role by nurturing my ability to figure things out. The tenacity I developed here has woven the framework in the way I care for my patients.”

Tamanika started LUMIN Diagnostic Services, LLC last year, along with its subsidiaries La Lueur Academy and La Lueur Health and Wellness, of which she is CEO. Through these organizations, she has been instrumental in bringing health and awareness to her community. In its first year of business, La Lueur Health and Wellness has provided over 6000 healthcare services to community members. In addition to a brick and mortar location, La Lueur Health and Wellness serves the community via a mobile medical bus and in-home visits. 

La Lueur Health and Wellness has sponsored 75 women through the nonprofit LetsTalkPPCM to receive free wellness checks and blood testing. PPCM stands for peripartum cardiomyopathy and is a rare form of heart failure that can occur in pregnant women and new mothers. In addition, Tamanika has partnered with the YOFI foundation to offer healthcare to recently incarcerated women. 

Through La Lueur Academy, Tamanika is helping to teach others to be change agents in their communities. She also offers coaching and mentorship to individuals worldwide and strives to spread health awareness and education through speaking engagements and social media, including her Instagram account @Tammy_marshall_fnp. She has been featured on podcasts and news television, and was recently chosen to speak on racial disparities in infant and mother mortality rates by the NAACP in North Carolina.

For other nursing students at South University, Tamanika offers these words of encouragement: “Place one foot in front of the other and walk boldly in the path God created for you and you alone!”

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