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For Nnachi Amah, a 2022 graduate of South University’s online Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program, earning a degree online offered the flexibility required to successfully juggle the various aspects of his life. In addition to studying and completing his South University coursework, Nnachi cared for his children, worked as a store associate at Walmart, and was active in church.

Throughout his life, Nnachi has held many jobs. In addition to working at Walmart, he’s been a dishwasher, taxi driver, librarian, census taker, and cleaner. He has also served as a youth pastor and a provost for a not-for-profit organization.

“I have lived a low key and humble life until now,” he reflects. “I never imagined obtaining a doctorate degree. Now I can say that my real life has just begun with this degree.” In addition to the DMin degree, Nnachi holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

For Nnachi, ministry is a calling he discovered when spending time in prison. To realize this calling, he knew attaining knowledge was the first step to ensuring he was well-equipped to serve.

“My experience in prison led to my decision to pursue God and this doctorate degree,” he says. “It was my personal decision to obtain this degree for the service of man and good, and my commitment to make it a reality has been the backbone behind achieving this degree.”

With his ministry degree, Nnachi hopes to establish his own seminary and churches in Nigeria, and, after completing the DMin program, he feels ready to start pursuing his goals. “I am glad I attended South University. I was privileged to learn from well-grounded professors who guided me and shaped who I am today,” he says. “My education has changed my understanding of God, the Bible, and the Gospel. It has had a life-changing effect on me.”

For other students ready to earn their degree, he offers this advice: “You must know what brought you to school and pursue it with all diligence. Do not give up for any reason, be focused, and dedicated.”

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