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“I love helping others and PTAs don’t just rehab people physically but also mentally. For me it is a calling.” says Alexander Montenegro, who is a 2021 South University, West Palm Beach Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program graduate.

Alexander came to South University after hearing good things about the school from a coworker. His mentor had also told him that South University had one of the best local PTA programs in the West Palm Beach area. Based on these recommendations, Alexander researched the school and decided to enroll.

However, in the first quarter of his PTA program, Alexander struggled with his classes and his grades. At first, he was upset, but his program director suspected there was a reason for his low GPA. Before long, Alexander confirmed with his primary care provider that he had ADHD, something that had been undiagnosed until now. Armed with this new knowledge, Alexander began learning how to study and apply learning techniques that better work for his needs. “This information changed everything,” he says.

By his final quarter in the program, Alex was earning straight A’s in his classes and had an increased confidence in his abilities. He advises other students, “Do not be afraid or feel weakness when in need of help. It’s more weak to not look for help and not achieve success because of your own thoughts. The resources are there.”

Today, Alexander is glad he listened to the recommendations of others and chose South University. “South University provided me with good resources to succeed,” he says. “They prepared me to not just have the book knowledge skills but they prepared me for treating patients as a whole.”

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