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Sabrina Summerset wearing her cap and gown from South University graduation


Currently a Social Service Investigations Case Manager for the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, South University graduate Sabrina Summersett is excited to be celebrating the completion of her Master of Science in Human Resources Management degree. 

She completed the program through South University's online programs in 2022, after first hearing about the university through a family member. After learning more about the school, she decided the school and the online Human Resources Management program were both a good fit for her.

“Human Resources Management was a job that I have always wanted, and South University had a great program,” she says. “During my time here with the university I have gained knowledge and strength that will stay with me from now on. It was a great university to attend and be a part of.”

While earning her degree, Sabrina learned about topics such as labor laws, organizational staffing, compensation and benefits performance management, training and development, workplace safety, human resources metrics and measurement, and more. Throughout the program, Sabrina found the staff and instructors to be very helpful and supportive.

Based on her own positive experiences, Sabrina says she will definitely recommend South University to others looking to continue their education. “They will be able to get all that they are looking for and more,” she says. “South University has prepared me for the future to come by providing the needed steps and resources to be successful.”

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