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With a vote from both the South University board of Trustees and the Education Principle Foundation (EPF), South University embarked on a new chapter in its history – returning to being an independent, private institution of higher education. The vote to separate was made official on July 14th, 2023. The timing also coincides with a major milestone, as the University celebrates its 125th anniversary next year (2024).

“With this new independence, we stand poised to take bold strides toward an even more prosperous future, nurturing an environment that empowers our students to become the leaders of tomorrow,” said Chancellor Dr. Steven Yoho. “It reflects on our unwavering commitment and dedication of our exceptional team, who have worked tirelessly to shape the institution into what it is today – a nationally recognized university.”

South University’s return to independence marks a substantial change to its planning for the future. “Our new status and expansion of programs, like the Master of Science in Physician Assistant and Master of Science in Anesthesia Science, show that South University is truly committed to a student-focused education roadmap,” said Dr. Michael Colegrove, Chair of South University’s Board of Trustees. “I could not be more excited that we are now an independent university, and we look forward to helping our students continue to succeed.”

We express our gratitude to the owners who, over the past 20 years, have helped South University in immeasurable ways. “The University is now positioned to thrive,” said Dr. Yoho.

The change in ownership to full independence was effective as of the 14th of July 2023 and public announcement will be made shortly.