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Carlos Torres standing in a hospital room

Carlos Torres may be in his seventies, but he’s far from slowing down. Just this year, in 2024, Carlos earned a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)1 from South University’s Online Programs2.

Working in healthcare is not new for Carlos. He previously worked in home healthcare and as a Commissioned Officer and public health podiatrist with the United States Public Health Service. Carlos came to South University immediately after completing his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at another institution. In addition to doing his own research, he chose South University based on a recommendation from a nurse practitioner in his professional network.

“I chose the FNP MSN program because I want to return to direct patient primary care3,” Carlos shares. “I love interacting with each patient and applying the principle of holistic patient care where that patient is seen [not just] as a person with physical needs, but also as having emotional and spiritual needs that affect the physical condition.”

The FNP program built on what he had already learned in his past nursing study and healthcare work. As a student, he learned knowledge and skills that have helped him take his career to the next level and become a primary care practitioner.

“South University is a school that teaches putting patients first, works with students to make sure they are prepared to take the board certification exam2, and works with you financially4,” he says. “They are there to help you, always available and quickly responding to your concerns. They let you know from the very beginning what to expect so that there are no surprises later. My Academic Advisor was awesome and was there to support and encourage me all along the way.”

Carlos also notes that he appreciated the support and guidance from his Financial Aid Advisor, who helped him find a financial plan that fit his needs and circumstances4.

Now a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Carlos thanks South University for helping him continue his journey of lifelong learning and growth. “It is never too late to advance your career,” he says. “I am 76 years old and look forward to providing world-class healthcare to many patients.”


1 It is up to each student to review the national and state licensure requirements for licensure, as well as the eligibility criteria to sit for licensure exams. South University cannot guarantee each graduate will pass the required licensure examinations. Outside agencies control the requirements for taking and passing certification/licensing exams and are subject to change without notice to South University. Students must pass the required licensure to work in their respective field.

2 Fully online programs can have a ground clinical or practicum experience.

3 South University does not promise or guarantee licensure, employment, or salary amounts.

4 Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Testimonials have been provided by students/alumni in their own words and without coercion. This spotlight is based on information shared by Carlos Torres in 2024.