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Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Baileys are 2017 graduates of South University, Online Programs. Learn how the Baileys were able to find flexible programs that fit their schedule to obtain their Masters degrees

Bailey Family | MS in Leadership, MBA, MPA, 2017 | South University, Online

The Baileys are 2017 graduates of South University, Online Programs. Learn how the Baileys were able to find flexible programs that fit their schedule to obtain their Masters degrees.

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Gabrielle B: I am sitting here with my parents and we're all getting our masters at the same time. Pretty awesome. My name is Gabrielle Bailey. I'm graduating with my Masters in Business Administration.

Karen Bailey: She was already going for her masters. This is his second masters. I think mainly because he was so enthusiastic about doing school and going to school and continuing to get his degree, I decided alright, I'll go for my masters. I'm Karen Bailey. I had gotten my Masters in Leadership.

Gabrielle B: My parents were definitely my support system. They pushed me all the time when I was over school, when I was over everything, when I was extremely overwhelmed, they would always push me and say, "You are this far. You've got to balance between life and between school."

Jeffrey Bailey: The first bit was challenging for her because she's young. She wants to do life, but she committed to this. She saw it through.

Karen Bailey: My experience with the faculty advisors was great. Very on top of it. They were very inclusive, checking in with us, checking out to see kind of what our needs were in terms of our schedule.

Jeffrey Bailey: My name is Jeffrey Bailey. I am receiving my Masters in Public Administration. There is something that has hit my soul in a place that I didn't even realize was there about how awesome it's going to be to see my daughter graduate and see my wife get her masters. It's a diploma that goes on my wall. I look at it fondly and say, "Okay, I achieved that." But the real true measure of what I've achieved as a father and as a man is knowing that these two have graduated. It just tells me that you did good.

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Looking to build the skills and knowledge you need for business leadership and management? South University’s 12-course online MBA program will give you a firm grounding in economics, decision-making, behavioral sciences, and business strategy—all areas that will be imperative to your professional success.

As an online MBA student, you’ll examine diverse business models and study ethical and global perspectives in long- and short-term decision-making. Beyond that, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to influence others using leadership, communication, and management best practices. The dedicated faculty leading your interactive online MBA courses will push you to build competencies in business analysis, critical thinking, systems thinking, change management, and more. By the end of the program, you can have a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to efficiently manage the delivery of goods and services while satisfying customers and organizational stakeholders.

This online MBA is designed to take as few as 16 months to complete.

Develop Your Business Acumen

After completing South University’s online Master of Business Administration program, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ethical perspective as you assess decision-making processes, conflict, and other key macro and micro characteristics of organizations in diverse, global environments.
  • Influence individuals and organizations using effective leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Create sustained, coherent and persuasive arguments, explanations, and reflections.
  • Critically examine both qualitative and quantitative data, then synthesize and evaluate the information to recognize and solve problems.
  • Determine and assess the information needed, evaluate information and its sources, use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose, and access and use information ethically and legally.

Earn an Online MBA Degree on Your Schedule

South University’s online MBA program offers you the flexibility and control to access your classes anytime, day or night, so that you can pursue your Master of Business Administration degree online, whenever it’s most convenient for you. Our faculty and staff also make sure that online never means out of touch, supporting you every step of the way as you work toward achieving your goals.

Learn more about South University’s Master of Business Administration online program today.

Note: This program is not available to residents of Alabama, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington DC.


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